How to Take Great Outfit Pictures

1. Get a Good Camera – Obviously, the most important tool for taking 
outfit pictures is a good camera. This doesn’t have to be anything 
expensive, just a model that has some basic adjustable settings 
for focus, aperature, brightness, and a self-timer. A D-SLR 
(digital single-lens reflex) model will produce higher 
quality pictures, but  you can still take great outfit photos 
with a standard digital camera. 
2. Use a Tripod – If you want to take great outfit photos, 
a tripod is useful for two reasons: it allows you to take 
photos by yourself, and it will create sharper images. 
This makes all the difference in bringing out the details 
of an outfit. Tripods fold up and can be carried just 
about anywhere as well. Even if you do have someone 
around to take your outfit photos, a tripod will ensure 
that you pictures come out clear and balanced. All you 
need to do to take pictures with a tripod is to use your 
camera’s self-timer or a remote.
3. Consider Lighting – Lighting is really important when it 
comes to outfit photos. Too much lighting can wash out the 
colors in your outfit, and too little can cause lots of shadows. 
Taking photos outside in natural daylight will probably provide 
the best lighting, especially early in the morning or just 
before sunset when the light is golden. If you choose to 
take your photos inside, find a spot in front of a window 
so that the natural light shines on you. Most importantly, 
try not to use flash, as this makes the 
photo look unnatural and washes out the colors.
4. Find a Good Spot – The setting of your outfit photos 
sets the stage for your outfit. You may want to consider 
whether you want to use the same spot every day or 
multiple locations. Either way, it’s best to take outfit 
photos in secluded areas so that you’re comfortable 
taking your photos and there aren’t distractions in 
the background. If you take photos inside, try to have 
just a few background elements in the photos, like a couch 
and a bookcase.
5. Strike a Pose – Posing in outfit photos can add 
personality to your outfits and the feel of your blog. 
You might want to peruse other personal style blogs to g
et a feel of how to pose in outfit photos. It’s good to 
do multiple poses in one outfit so that you show off 
different parts of the outfit. At the same time, only 
do poses that are comfortable and natural to you so 
that your photos are genuine. You may even consider 
using simple props in some of your outfit photos, 
such as an umbrella, book, or your pet.
6. Take Multiple Shots – As mentioned above, it’s good 
to take multiple photos of a single outfit so that you c
an show off all the elements you’ve put together. This 
includes different poses, but also different perspective. 
You may want to take a close-up shot of an interesting 
piece of jewelry or the details on a blouse. 
This also adds variety to your outfit shots.
7. Don’t Use Autofocus – In order to get the best focus 
in your outfit pictures, it’s best to manually focus 
the camera ahead of time rather than using autofocus. 
This may mean that you put something in the spot you 
will stand to focus on while you set up the camera. 
Using autofocus will cause the camera to continually 
try to focus as you get into your pose 
and may cause the shot to be blurry.
8. Get Editing Software – Simple editing software 
can help you make small adjustments to make your 
photos look better. While Photoshop is the top 
choice among professionals, it has much more than 
you need to enhance your outfit photos. There are 
a number of free programs like Piknic that you can d
ownload that provide all the features you 
need to make your outfit photos look even better.
This article was written by Madeline Barbour. 
She is an experienced photographer who owns the site 
How to Become a Photographer.
 *Thanks Madeline!!*

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